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Taxidermy Secret Santa 2014 


The taxidermy secret santa is going on again! :D

  1. Post up a journal with 10 things you'd like for Christmas. We suggest at least 5 of these be taxidermy related
  2. Make sure to try and send other people gifts, even just sending card is nice!
  3. Asking for non-taxidermy items is fine, but if you don't want any this might be the wrong SS for you.
  4. Please include your address on the journal or a way for people to contact you to get your address to send the gift.
  5. Others can join in the fun at TaxidermySecretSanta


1. Any skulls, no matter condition.
   I love skulls of course! I'd be greatful for any, but here's a few I don't have that I'd really like:
Roe deer with antlers (even just the top of the skull with antlers), armadillo, bats, pig, goat, bobcat/lynx, grey fox, least weasel, reptiles, pronghorn, and basically any animal that doesn't live in Maine haha.
There's also dream skulls like muntjac, wolverine, alligator, monkey, wolf.. >.>

2. Fur/skin
Any pelt, tail, or scraps would be awesome! I only have a couple pelts right now, and I'd like to add to the collection or try crafts with fur pieces. Particularly red fox, a deer tail, coyote, skunk, rabbit.. A reptile skin would be really cool too (meaning skinned kind, not shed).

3. Skeletons
I'd love a disarticulated skeleton to work on!

4. Preserved bits
   Things like paws, bird feet, small whole animal specimens, wings, etc. Small taxidermied animals as well. Owl pellets are neat.

5. Canine teeth and claws
Bear would be cool, but I'd like any!

6. Antlers
Any antler pairs, especially mounted to be hung on a wall. I would looove caribou or elk antlers!

7. Art Supplies
Always needed! Things like paper, watercolor/acrylic paint, brushes, markers, ink pens, canvasboard, carving tools.

8. Rocks and fossils, I love these

9. Figures and plushies, homemade or not
Things like pokemon (especially bulbasaur line, sneasel/weavile, archen/archeops), mustelids(weasel/ferret, skunk, wolverine, etc.), hyenas, How to Train your Dragon, Zelda

10. Art
Anything related to mustelids, deer, hyenas, elephants, leopard geckos

Other Info:
I would be so happy to receive anything! :) I'm definitely going to be giving out art and other things too if they're not too expensive, I don't have a lot of extra money and most things in my collection are damaged skulls or random bones, I know some people don't like those. I guess I'll see what others have on their lists!

Sarah Harris
PO Box 128
Patten, Maine 04765

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